Robbert van Markus

Frontend Software Consultant

As a Frontend Software consultant at Qxperts, Robbert focuses on improving teams, tools and technologies used in businesses to delivery value to their customers. Helping customers build user centric software with a high confidence on quality is what drives him.

Robbert brings knowledge as a Software / Frontend Developer,  QA engineer and scrum master. He helps teams finding modern testing strategies to gain fast feedback cycles and continuous improvements.


Before joining Qxperts, Robbert worked at several IT companies as a developer, scrum master and team lead. He has a strong focus for web technologies since he was young and wants to make the world a better place with his passion for quality software. He loves to work on the intersection between design and technology and has a strong opinion on topics as UX, process improvements and IT strategy. He worked as a frontend engineer and scrum master at software product company in the IT monitoring / DevOps domain and as Team lead at a datacenter / network automation start-up.