Riccardo Corradin

Web Development Engineer

Riccardo likes giving trainings, because it allows him to learn from others and grow as a person. Also, the energy that surrounds a focused group that is trying to achieve a common goal is unique. Riccardo is grateful for the chance to be part of this.

Riccardo worked with clients from different industries. To name an example, he helped Nuon, the largest Dutch energy producer, in their rebranding to Vattenfall . Riccardo did this by contributing and providing support in a wide range of areas, such as architecture, design, implementation, and QA.

“Offload your memory to focus on what matters now” quotes Riccardo. Each day he tries to live by this principle in that most of his tasks are dumped in a paper notebook and at the end of each day he writes down what he achieved that day. This has helped him to prioritize, keep his mind focused in the “now” and getting things done.