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To create and improve high-performing teams, you need to bring the necessary skills in-house. A new way of working requires new knowledge and skills, and we are here to share our expertise with you. Qxperts develops learning journeys that will bring your teams’ knowledge on high-quality software delivery on-par in no-time.

Our courses are facilitated by Xebia Academy.

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Continuous integration and continuous delivery

What is Continuous Delivery? What is a CD pipeline? Which steps comprise a continuous delivery pipeline? And what consequences does this have for continuous testing and automated tests?

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Behaviour- and Test-Driven Development

Create better software. Learn how to develop software based on collaboratively defined requirements and realistic examples.

Improve your software in a predictable, focused manner, one test at a time.

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Domain-Driven Design

Learn how to design, model, and create software that focuses on the underlying business concerns and creates a shared language between business stakeholders and the team creating software.

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Test automation

Testing the way it should be.  Move from traditional testing to agile testing. Gain the knowledge and skills to become an agile tester, using modern techniques!

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  • All trainers are specialists from the trenches
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  • Europe’s no. 1 training partner
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