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Kick-start quality improvements

Assess the current state and stay up to date. Successfully mapping your future starts with getting a grip on today. We assess the status by conducting a Quality Software Delivery Scan.

We examine your organizational maturity, code quality, tools, and technology, and key other software delivery metrics. Based on the results, we help to kickstart sustainable innovations and, if desired, monitor these continuously.

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I lack understanding of the technical capability of my platform.

I want my department to become a top performer
– How to structure my teams to become as autonomous as possible?
– Where to start improving our existing IT landscape to align with our global partners?

My project is not delivering as expected
– How can I prevent delays in my development process?
– I need a second opinion because I do not trust my suppliers.

I need to address my technical bottlenecks
– How to improve the problems in our build pipeline?
– How to set up proper performance testing?



How can we help

Successfully mapping your future starts with getting a grip on today

Quality Software Delivery Scan

Obtain an unbiased, thorough view of the key quality characteristics of your software and your software delivery process through a lens of people, process, and technology.

Team and organizational maturity

Uncover the key aspects in structure, behaviour, and skills of your technical teams and organization that are needed to deliver valuable software.

Code quality, engineering practices, and technical improvements

It is the code that runs in production, so it better be good! Stable, robust, maintainable, and extensible. Qxperts’ technical experts bring forward hands-on advice on technical improvements (and how to implement these) on the software pipeline, test environments.

Our multi-angle approach to assess your software delivery proces

As trusted advisors, we offer you our honest opinion. Always. We take a multi-angle approach to reveal the underlying causes of challenges concerning performance, platform stability, test automation, team collaboration, security, and overall quality. We analyze bottlenecks, help to set up high-performing teams, and share our knowledge of relevant tools and technologies. Our multi-angle approach provides the necessary insight to speed up the IT delivery process and achieve reliable and faster delivery.

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