Client story

Modernizing the software delivery process and infrastructure

Technical details AWS architecture and implementing an agile/DevOps way of working
Industry Telecom Services


By implementing new professional guidelines and processes, Vereniging COIN now has a reliable and robust platform in place that leverages its business. The platform is set to launch them on a future-proof path of success.

COIN wanted to improve:

  • Simplification and optimization
  • Time-to-market & cost control
  • Business continuity and system availability

About the company

Vereniging COIN is an association of telecom providers and an essential facilitator in the highly competitive Dutch telecom market. COIN maintains sector-specific standards and provides advanced platforms that facilitate number portability, broadband switching, directory services, and number masking in the Netherlands.

The challenge

As an IT governance organization, COIN had external IT providers develop and operate its core systems, which worked well for almost twenty years. However, increased customer demand and the need to keep pace with new technologies called for a significant change. To retain its status as an authority in the telecom market, COIN wanted to enhance its services and reduce cost while simultaneously increasing its ability to innovate. It wanted to be able to experiment and develop new services and product features.

The solution

By working with Qxperts, COIN initiated a modernization process that focused on improving its core business drivers in the following ways:

  • Simplification and optimization: by reducing platforms and streamlining its way of working.
  • Time-to-market: by creating their own in-house software delivery team to shorten turnaround time.
  • Business continuity: by decreasing the dependency on external suppliers and exploiting the benefits of cloud infrastructure.
  • System availability: by improving the software architecture and software quality control.
  • Cost control: by delivering better service at lower costs.

The Solution is in the Cloud

Qxperts set up a state-of-the-art, secure cloud infrastructure using Amazon Web Services. With this infrastructure and an improved software delivery process in place, several legacy applications were moved to the cloud, and new, high availability, state-of-the-art services were deployed. Some services needed to be rewritten which provided an opportunity to use the latest technology and modern tooling techniques. Most importantly, this allowed COIN to ingrain current development practices into its team. The result was not only a solid rewrite but also a blueprint for future services.

The results

From the onset, it was clear COIN needed to attract a small team of full-stack developers. Qxperts hosted several events and meetups to draw a mix of senior and junior developers as potential candidates. The event also helped COIN establish more visibility as an authority in its field. After establishing the in-house development team, Qxperts launched a program of coaching, training, and integration to build a shared foundation between COIN’s development and IT operations. It also engaged the entire organization in implementing an Agile software delivery process.

Future Proof

Qxperts created a secure, flexible, scalable and self-healing deployment architecture for the company. Automated system tests in a continuous delivery pipeline ensure high quality that is consistent. Time-to-market and business continuity were improved by helping COIN create an in-house development team. The continuous delivery software pipeline enables COIN to deploy to production on a daily basis. System availability was improved by providing a high-availability platform in the cloud and by implementing a modern software pipeline for all applications. Thanks to the efforts of Qxperts and new professional guidelines and processes, COIN now has a reliable and robust platform in place that leverages its business. The platform is set to launch them on a future-proof path of success.

With Qxperts, we’ve quickly made the transition from an IT governance organization to a DevOps organization.

Stefphen Mans DIrector of Vereniging COIN