Client story

Enabling the global marketplace for flowers to bloom

Industry Horticulture


As a global marketplace, Royal FloraHolland brings parties together for efficient trade. The company holds a dominant position in the industry and aims to keep growing by connecting buyers and sellers worldwide. To do so, it needed to cater for multiple ways of selling, a wide range of products, international stakeholders, and sustainable development. Together with Qxperts, Royal FloraHolland created a digital B2B platform that facilitates all aspects of online trade and offers payment and delivery services.

RFH was supported by multidisciplinary team including amongst other Qxperts specialists.

About the company

For more than a century, Royal FloraHolland has offered buyers and sellers of flowers a place to meet and conduct business. The marketplace evolved from manual to electronic and is now introducing digital. Today, with 24.6 million plants and flowers traded daily, Royal FloraHolland is one of the largest auctions worldwide. Like most companies, it is also facing the immense digitalization task to stay relevant in a rapidly changing international market.

The challenge

To remain an efficient and attractive marketplace for all its users, Royal FloraHolland needed to increase its digitalization efforts. The company’s goal to completely digitalize processes started with creating a central B2B platform that enables online trading and serves as an infrastructure that quickly allows information to move between all stakeholders. Known for making trade as efficient as possible, Royal FloraHolland needed the platform to make business easier for growers and buyers. Regardless of how they trade, directly, via the auction clock, nationally or internationally.

The solution

Together with Qxperts, Royal FloraHolland identified the multi-dimensional nature of the new platform. This led to an overview of aspects that the company should not overlook during building, like technology, organization, people, interfaces, data encoding standards, data governance, and more. Based on this information, a multi-dimensional team that was responsible for building the platform was set up. In the process, the company realized that building a new platform didn’t only have a significant impact internally. You’re also asking a lot from your users. Such as getting used to a different way of trading or replacing current software to stay compatible with the platform. Not everyone adapts at the same pace, which makes the change both multi-dimensional and multi-speed.

The results

Like any company, Royal FloraHolland too encountered some hurdles on its journey to digital. From pushback that they were moving too fast to integration and security challenges. However, together with Qxperts, the company has made great strides and now has a B2B platform up and running that offers state-of-the-art digital trading, ordering, payment, and delivery services to buyers and sellers worldwide. The journey to the new platform taught Royal FloraHolland about change and that it often has much more impact than you think. As Howard Misser, Manager Digital at Royal FloraHolland says: “Being digital means enabling information to move faster than light, but becoming digital is about people, and that takes time.”

Howard Misser Manager Digital @ Royal FloraHolland