Client story

Offering fresh perspectives on improving the software delivery process

Industry Retail

About the company

DKG Group is the organization behind the successful Dutch brands Bruynzeel Keukens and Keller Keukens. As one of the leading kitchen manufacturers and retailers, they design, manufacture, and sell kitchens to consumers and businesses. 

The challenge

DKG was facing challenges concerning the speed of delivery, especially regarding a specialized third-party solution that is at the core of their business process. As a result, these challenges impacted the ability to innovate from both IT and business perspective. Adding more development capacity was being only part of the solutionAdditional measures had to be taken from technological and organizational perspectives. 

The solution

Qxperts initially performed a quick scan covering software architecture, quality of delivery, processes and communication within the organization. This short assessment provided strategic IT suggestions towards DKG to handle the specialized third-party software and an overview of improvement points for the organization. Some of these improvement points DKG implemented by themselves, and Qxperts offered support to others. 

We supported the kick-off of the architecture guild. The introduction of this guild, joined by business and IT representatives, ignited conversations between key people concerning processes and architectural decisions. Collectively the business & development process was discovered via visual collaboration techniques displaying the bottlenecks in the process. The different perspectives on the process and the identified problem areas lead to valuable insights. By prioritizing these insights, the architecture guild was set up for success to tackle these items. 

Next to that, we collectively defined an operating model for the software delivery organization.  The operating model clarifies roles, responsibilities, and expectations for involved stakeholders in the delivery process. By defining this operating model DKG took the first steps from a project- to a product organization, removing identified bottlenecks in the delivery process. 

The results

The support of Qxperts gave DKG the insights, challenges, and improvement areas to continuously improve their software delivery. Collectively a centralized backlog of improvement points has been created. Powered by the initial support of Qxperts, communication within DKG improved concerning the software delivery process.