Strategic Software Delivery Consultant

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Is this you?

You consider software development to be a social activity and your mission to make organisations aware of this. In this role, you advise management about their software delivery strategy. Not only by looking at the technical aspects, but considering social aspects as well. It’s all about applying holistic insights to find the right balance between people and technology.

How you bring organizations to a higher level of quality

At Qxperts we believe that software should be delivered by a quality culture that is embedded within organizations and teams. We do that by coaching development teams and technical leadership to assess and improve their socio-technical system – just think of what more we can achieve when you join our team!

What you will do

An important part of your role as a strategic software delivery consultant is to mentor middle & C-level management on creating and maintaining socio-technical systems. By using DDD you are able to design an optimal team setup and improve flexibility. You also support organisations to embrace change and grow towards a shared sense of reality.

You work from home or on location in a mixed team of QX-ers, the client, or consultants from Xebia (our parent company). We keep the communication lines short at Qxperts and are in touch daily with each other via Slack, Whatsapp, and email to brainstorm about work and chit chat too.

This is your dream job if…

  • You love using socio-technical systems to reduce complexity
  • You believe in simplifying the software delivery process and organizational design
  • You know Conway’s Law & Dunbar’s Number and can anticipate how it impacts organizational design

This is not your dream job if…

  • You don’t care about embedding a quality culture
  • Domain-Driven Design doesn’t ring you a bell
  • You don’t have excellent communication skills and a keen interest in visual collaboration