Software Quality Consultant

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Is this you?

First and foremost, you are all about approaching quality from a broad perspective; this means focus on people, process and technology. You spread your vision on quality not only on paper, but by coaching and leading by example as well. You succeed when you help teams build the right software in the best way and speeding up their software delivery process!

How you bring teams to a higher level of quality

At Qxperts we help teams to deliver reliable and high-quality software. Our team of software quality consultants take a multi-angled approach to reveal the underlying causes of challenges concerning performance, platform stability, test automation, team collaboration, and overall quality – Imagine how much more quality impact we can make with you on our team!

As a software quality consultant, you analyze bottlenecks, help to set up high-performing teams, and most importantly share your knowledge. This can be in the area of BDD, DDD, TDD, software architecture, Test Automation, CI/CD, code quality, or technical processes. Your multi-angled approach empowers companies to speed up their IT delivery process and achieve reliable and faster delivery.

What you will do

On most assignments, you’ll be using your expertise to help solve a teams technical problem. However, your work does not stop there. As a Qxperts consultant, you will also be delving into the root cause of those problems. Technical issues are quite frequently caused by issues in the business processes or how people work together. This makes your work more interesting and leaves the client with a long-term solution for their problems.

You work from home or on location in a mixed team that can consist of QX-ers, the client, or consultants from Xebia (our parent company). We keep the communication lines short at Qxperts and are in touch daily with each other via Slack, Whatsapp, and email to brainstorm about work and chit chat too.

This is your dream job if…

  • You’re a techy with good soft skills
  • You approach quality from a holistic perspective
  • You love to apply practices like Test-Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development or Domain-Driven Design

This is not your dream job if…

  • Don’t like to coach teams
  • You’re scared to address issues and the elephant in the room
  • You want to be a dedicated developer or tester