Software Engineer in Test

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Are you a Software Engineer in Test?

It doesn’t matter whether your background is development or testing. What matters is that you have a quality mindset that you love to share with others. In this role, the emphasis is on the technology side of quality, such as implementing CI/CD pipelines and Test Automation tools. As a software engineer in test you are also aware of people- and process challenges, and how they impact results as well. Does this sound like you? Read on!

How you, as a Software Engineer in Test, bring teams to a higher level of quality

Qxperts consists of quality-minded experts with a clear goal to assist companies and deliver high-quality software. (Check out your new team!) Your duty is to help our customers with different challenges related to software delivery. By approaching challenges from a broad angle, you enable them to enhance productivity, increase quality levels and simplify production for go-live or business continuity. – Picture yourself in our team and the effect that you can make for teams! That sounds good to us, but there is some other stuff you would like to know. 

What you will do as a Software Engineer in Test? 

As a software engineer in test, you are confident about how software development should be implemented. One moment you’re helping teams to adopt a better approach (shift left) and the next you could be implementing a software development pipeline with the help of Azure or Jenkins. In this pipeline, you will implement Test Automation with Cypress to speed up the delivery process and increase confidence within the team. Apart from your assignment, you like to give workshops and trainings in Behaviour Driven Development and/or Test-Driven Development.

You work from home, at the Xebia offices, or on location in a team that can consist of other QX-ers, the client specialists, or consultants from Xebia (our mother company). We keep the communication lines short at Qxperts and are in touch daily with each other via Slack, Whatsapp, and email to brainstorm about work and chit chat too.

This is your dream job if…

  • You like to work with various Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Test Automation tools
  • You understand how context (approach, team, and skills) impacts team success
  • You want to embed quality in a software delivery process

This is not your dream job if…

  • You think quality is not a team responsibility
  • You don’t like to shape user stories and establish continuous delivery pipelines
  • You’re not into sharing knowledge actively