IT Auditor

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Are you the Software Auditor we’re looking for?
In order to innovate and improve your digital products, it is important to take into consideration all stages and steps of a software lifecycle. As a digital detective, you’ll peel back many layers that the digital lifecycle of our clients consists of and analyse them to in the finer details. You shall perform assessments on product and technical strategy, quality control, code quality and due diligence, while being responsible for customer and expectation management, uncovering root causes of organizational issues by being a masterful communicator.

Your expertise will contribute to the continuous improvement of our client’s digital business via strengthening their internal standards, adopted methodologies and getting a tighter grip on their software strategy. By giving advice and implementing improvements we enable our customers to deliver clients better software, quicker time-to-market and more productive workplaceswhich is what we strive for at Qxperts!

If this aligns with your ideology of quality, then we look forward to working with you!

Knowledge and experience (it is not needed to know all of them however we expect you to know your way around each category:

  • SAFe, Scrum, Lean, Kanban

Programming languages:

  • Java, TypeScript , C#, Python and mainstream Frontend frameworks (Angular, ReactJS, etc.)
  • SQL and NoSQL Dbs (such as MongoDB)
  • Experience with C / C++ and Low-code platforms is a plus

Environments and CI/CD

  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud,


  • Github and Gitlab, JIRA

Testing Frameworks

  • Unit-testing frameworks for popular languages as well as Selenium, Cypress and Playwright or others